Metro: Last Light

The humanity, at least what remains of it, managed to eke out one more year of survival – it is year 2034 now. The mutants still roam the desolate remains of Moscow above and the dark abandoned tunnels around. The resources are even scarcer, but there is still hope – the huge D6 bunker you, Artyom, and your comrades discovered while on your quest to rid the Metro of mortal danger. In its vast expanse it might contain the key to survival; it might hold incredible stores of supplies which the survivors are running out of.

It might be the salvation – but it could also bring about the complete ruin of humanity, for the factions within Metro are gearing up for an all-out war for whatever it might contain. This one could well become the War to End All Wars, since after it ends there will probably be no one to wage war anymore. It truly is the dusk of humanity – and dusk leads to the nigh. Night, which is going to last forever this time.

Will you be able to avert the impending doom? Will you find courage and understanding to right the wrongs that you did and save humanity from itself? Will you even survive?

  • Unique atmosphere
  • Engaging story
  • Scarce resources
  • Improvised weaponry
  • Varying environments
  • Diverse enemies

  • Genre: Action, First-person shooter
  • Released: 17 May 2013
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Gameplay: Single-player
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3

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